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Hanan Tork (Arabic: حنان ترك) (born March 7, 1975) is an Egyptian actress and former ballerina. She was born as: Hanan Hassan Mohamed Abd El-Karim (Arabic: حنان حسن محمد عبد الكريم), and is sometimes credited as Hanane Turk and Hanan Turk. She is a sister to two other brothers: Hussein and Hossam. Her father owned his own factory for clothes (Eltorki for Dresses).

She started her career as a ballerina and completed her studies in the Cairo Ballet Institute, Egypt in 1993. She then became a member of the Cairo Ballet Group and soon after moved to the Classical Ballet Group.

When the famous director, Khairy Beshara, saw her, he offered her the chance to act alongside Nadia Al-Gindi in the movie "Raghba Motawahesha" in 1991. After that the young ballerina was thirsty for more and thus came her next role in the television series "Be'r Saba'" with the director Nour El-Demerdash.

Among her TV roles were "Al-Sabr Fel Malahat", "Al-Mal We Al-Banoun" and "Lan A'esh Fe Gelbab Aby". In 1993, she was offered another role on the silver screen: "Dehk We Le'b We Gad We Hob".

Her big chance came when she was chosen by the famous director Youssef Chahine to play a part in "Al-Mohager" in 1994.

In 1997 she acted alongside the singer Mohamed Fouad in "Ismailia Rayeh Gayy". In the same year she had the opportunity to work with Chahine once again by starring in his movie "Al-Massir". Then two leading roles in "Al-Akhar" and "Fata men Israel" in 1999.

Then yet another cooperation between the young star and the famous director in the box office hit "Al-Assefa". In the year 2000, the now famous actress appeared on the television screen in the whole month of Ramadan in the successful television series "Opera Aida". Then witnessed more success in the following year, with a role alongside the famous actress Samira Ahmed in "Amira Men Abdeen".

She also played the leading female role in the comedy movie "Gana el bian el taly", opposite Mohamed Henedi.

In 2001 Hanan played a role in the comedy movie "Gawaz Be Karar Gomhourey". Then came her true hit in "Harameya Fi KG2" in 2002 and "Haramiyyah fi Tayland" in 2003.

In 2005 the film "Dunia" by Lebanese director Jocelyne Saab was released, in which Hanan played the leading role; that film became very controversial in Egypt because it is touching on the topic of traditional female circumcision, among other reasons; it received a good deal of attention in Europe.

In 2006 she chose to wear the Islamic head scarf. Tork has mentioned many times before during TV & magazine interviews that she is considering the option of wearing the Hijab. Tork now joins a group of actresses who have taken the same decision like Hala Shiha and Abla Kamel among many others.

Tork will continue her work as an actress, and is now in the middle of filming a series called "Street Children" (awlad al shawari'), and will continue working on the movie "Real Dreams" (a'lam akikia) as well.

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  • Raghba metawahesha (1992)

  • Dehk we Leab we Gad we Hob (1993).

  • Sarek Al Farah (1994).

  • Al Mohager (1994) as Hau.

  • Al Akher (1999) (as Hanane Turk) .... Hanane

  • Al Assifa (2000).

  • Harameya Fi KG2 (2001) as Reem.

  • Etfarag Ya Salam (2001).

  • El Hob El Awel (2001) as Wafaa.

  • Gana El Bian El Taly (2001) as Efat.

  • Dail El Samakah (2003) as Nour.

  • Haramiyyah Fi Tayland (2003) as Hanoon.

  • Sahar El Layaly (2003) as Farah.

  • Hob El Banat (2004) as Ghada Mustafa Abu Hagar.

  • Ahla Al Awqat (2004) as Salma.

  • Tito (2004) as Nour.

  • Dunia (2005).

  • Kalam Fel Hob (2005).

  • El Haya Montaha El Lazza(2006)

  • 2As Wa Lazaa (2007)

  • Ahlam Haeeya (2007)

  • Elmal w AlBanon
  • Nesf Rabie AlAkher
  • Opera Ayda
  • Sara
  • Awald El-Sharea

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